SMS Banking
This solution allows  the sending of SMS in bulk,at reduced cost to prospects and customers while following up statistics and reports in sent, read, unread and unsent messages through a WEB interface.


  • Banking
  • Microfinance
  • Insurance


  • Intuitive platform easy to administer
  • Time saving due to automated customer messaging(reminders)
  • Generating additional revenue through subscriptions
  • Instant SMS receiving by customers
  • Platform integrated into internal customer management system
  • SMS pre-programming
  • Platform compatible with all GSM operators


  • Automatic follow-up of loan portfolio (Reminder of default in payment, upcoming maturity, etc.)
  • SMS Programming by the DFS (reminder of maturity)
  • Real-time checking of customer account Receiving SMS notifications after each transaction by customer
  • Developing customer loyalty (Birthday messages, wishes: Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.)
  • Available SMS statistics and reports
  • Customizing sent SMS
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