Mobile Money
USSD gateway to link the customer’s Mobile Money account with the customer’s bank account in all financial institutions (microfinance, bank, insurance, etc.) to enable the customer perform transactions from Mobile Money account to Bank account and from Bank accountto Mobile Money account.

Thus, a customer could:

  • Repay a loan from his Mobile Money account,
  • Reload his Mobile Money account from savings account,
  • Mobilize savings from Mobile Money balance,
  • Etc.


  • Banking
  • Microfinance
  • Insurance
  • trade (payment of water bills, electricity bills, Canal, etc.)
  • Other institutions (merchants, etc.)


  • Additional income: Commissions paid by mobile operator to Financial Institutions;
  • Expanding clientele base
  • Financial products related to the deposit / withdrawal from banks
  • Developing customer loyalty
  • Decongestion of service points and branches
  • Savings on costs of investment in establishing physical branches,
  • Ability of deployment within less than 30 days with a small budget.


  • Fast, affordable and available 24ha day and each day of the week
  • Time saving and reduced transportation fees: No need to move to an agent to recharge your Mobile Money account
  • Bill payment, credit recharge, purchases, Canal subscription…
  • Free access to banking information (balance, statement)


  • Transfer from bank account to Mobile Money account or to third party account;
  • Transfer from Mobile Money account to bank account or to third party account;
  • Initiation of a fund transfer between two bank accounts from Mobile Money account;
  • Request and balance checking;
  • Request and approval of micro-loan facility;
  • Request and checking of mini statement.


  • Client Enrollment
  • Linking Bank account to MSISDN
  • Reporting (transaction monitoring, commissions)
  • Automated reconciliation (statement of transactions)
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