Mobile Branch
This solution constitutes a remote banking facility operating via a dedicated distribution channel for the provision of financial services without relying on physical branches. The DFS recruits field staff who use telephone / tablet / computer to perform operations.


  • Banking
  • Microfinance


  • Permanent access to bank account
  • Offering customers the possibility to check their balance, and carry out all permissible operations from remote areas
  • Easy and quick enrollment of new customers
  • Savings on investment in physical branch establishment
  • Teller computerization
  • Improvement of management quality and cash-desks performance in the hinterland
  • Providing more security for savings collecting staff and savers


  • Accounts Balances
  • Statement of Accounts
  • Balance available on staff’s accounts
  • Sending of PIN via SMS to the customer
  • Identification of telephone number to customer
  • Enrollment of new clients
  • Credit Application, Fund Transfers from one account to another
  • Deposit and withdrawal from account, loan repayment
  • Loan fund release
  • Draft statement of transactions
  • Payment of Bills
  • Prepaid smart card reload
  • Deposit or withdrawal on mobile money account
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