Electronic Payment Solution
Electronic banking enables financial institutions to offer electronic payment channels to their customers and to develop an acceptation point network based on Electronic Payment Terminals(EPT), compatible with VISA or WAEMUGIMprepaid cards, co-branded with concerned institution’ effigy.


  • Banking
  • Microfinance
  • Trade (payment of water bills, electricity bills, Canal+, etc.)
  • Other institutions (merchants, etc.)


Financial products requiring activation and renewal of the service

  • Developing Customer loyalty
  • Decongestion of points of service & branches
  • Withdrawal process outside branches opening hours
  • Integrated Interface to PERFECT and adaptable to core-banking application or management software
  • Use of available ATM network of WAEMUGIM
  • Reduced time of deployment


Account Balance

  • Statements of Account
  • Loan fund release on smart card
  • Withdrawal with ATM /  WAEMU-GIM / VISA etc.
  • Withdrawal with TPEWAEMU-GIMor VISA etc.
  • Dedicated Microfinance ATM withdrawal
  • Dedicated Microfinance TPE withdrawal
  • SMS for each transaction
  • Mail for each transaction
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