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Rotating Saving Management


An easy to use software that modernises the management of the traditional rotating saving schemes that is prevalent in many communities. Super Tontine addresses the challenges with manual administration of rotating savings as well as the technology driven changes in the nature and movement of money, banking transactions and the needs of rotating savings scheme members.


Super Tontine empowers operators to leverage the advances in mobile technology and digital banking in managing rotating saving schemes while retaining and improving upon its core principles. Super Tontine can be combined with PERFECT to enable central management of rotating savings scheme members and their credits.

SUPER TONTINE’s features include:

  • Statement / Transaction Journal printing

  • Digital transfers

  • Interest calculations

  • Customisable savings schemes

  • Management of Scheme Membership

  • Scheduled / Automated collections or deposits

  • Scheduled / Automated withdrawals or distributions

Rotating savings is so much better with Super Tontine and is immensely helpful to our members and their enterprises.

URCLEC (Regional Union of Local Savings and Credit Unions)

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