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NGO and Charities Accounting


A complete accounting solution developed in partnership with Supranational, Non Governmental Organisations, and Charities. Performance is distinguished from other standard accounting software because it doesn’t merely contain or add functions for NGO’s and Charities; but begins with the processes and requirements of NGO’s and Charities and delivers functionality that accurately reflects shared approach, practices, interdependencies, standards etc in the sector. Performance meets the accounting needs across the organisation and its projects and delivers efficiency, transparency and compliance expected of sector participants.

PERFORMANCE features include:

  • Financial, management and cost accounting

  • Suppliers, contractors and counterparty management

  • Contracts management

  • Project management

  • Payroll Management

  • Assets and inventory

  • Tracking (cost, location, budget)

  • Programmable parameters (meet stipulations)

  • Project tools

  • Advanced reporting and more

An NGO accounting solution that surpasses expectations and helps to achieve desired outcomes in our projects and the organisation.

Support Project for Civil Society and National Reconciliation (PASCRENA)

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