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Human Resource Management System


The Human Resource Management System (HRMS) combines our core Human Resources (HR) Software with a number of systems and processes such as payroll and performance evaluation to ensure easy management of an organisation’s employees and data. Gomise offers an extended range of functions including the recruitment process, document management, attendance tracking, benefits administration, employee engagement, self service (holiday booking, timesheets, etc) and many more.

GOMISE’S features include:

  • Recruitment manager

  • Performance management

  • Career development

  • Issues and resolution system

  • Employee records management

  • Training and missions

  • Health and safety records

  • Payroll and payslip production and more

Cagecfi’s Human Resource Management System gives us extensive capabilities and is easily customisable. It covers all our HR needs from recruitment to retirement and adapts brilliantly to changes in employment laws and associated legislations.


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