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Fixed Asset Management


The software provides a focused and straightforward approach to the management of fixed assets. Value is created, maintained and recouped through active management of fixed assets from acquisition to disposal. IMMOS offers an array of functionality that tracks relevant data points by asset type and provides necessary input for the balance sheet or collateralization.

IMMOS Feature’s Include:

  • Asset type management

  • Acquisition management

  • Depreciation schedules

  • Endowment entries

  • Temporary outputs and returns

  • Automated accounting entries

  • Assets Amortization schedule

  • Assignments

  • Temporary releases

  • Disposals and scraps acquisitions journal

  • Assignment and disposal log

  • Journal of endowments and other writings

  • Summary of end of year endowments and more

An intelligent combination of processes and tools that assure robust management of fixed assets. You never miss the forest for the tree.

Mutual of the Ouémé for the Development of Savings and Credit (MODEC)

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